Tinylove Gymini™ Sunny Day Activity Gym

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With fun hanging toys, abundant developmental activities on the mat, a musical sun with three playful tunes and cute dangling toys, the Gymini sunny day will encourage baby’s development and attract her curiosity, whether on her tummy or on her back. The Gymini Sunny Day’s Arches Effect is soothing for baby. The crossed arches provide a closed and calming space. Sight is stimulated when the colorful toys dangle in front of baby. A playmat that inspires development with sights, sounds and touch.
  • Tap & play sun with 3 different tunes
  • Mirror for extended tummy-time
  • Hanging toys can be moved and rearranged by hooking them to the arches’ rings
  • Fun hanging toys, developmental activities and music that will encourage baby’s development
  • Play with the various activities for your baby
  • The colorful toys and drawings and the mirror stimulate sight
  • Many textures and materials stimulate touch
  • Removable arches and toys



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