Fedora C3 Car Seat

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Why Choose Fedora C3 Car Seat

Fedora C3 Car Seat is car seat that is customized in accordance with baby’s growth up to 7 years old. It was designed to give children psychological stability and comfort.

Age: Newborn (3.5kg) ~ 7 years (25kg)
Size: 48.5cm (H) X 59cm (D) X 68.5cm (W)
Weight: 9.3kg
Length of Car Seat Belt Required: More than 250cm for Rear Facing
More than 145cm for Forward Facing


High Position

For the short bodied children to secure a clear view out of window, the seat is structured with high position.

3-steps Extendable Head Rest

By the stages of child’s growth, the head rest can be extended with the PU materials, protecting the child from the shock to the heads.

4-steps Adjustable Angles

A rear facing installation for newborns and four-steps adjustable front facing installation for children by the stages of growth.

Detailed View

Ease of use

It is the most cost-effective car seat as it is available from birth to 7 years old (a new born, a toddler and a child stage) .

Wide seat space

A 380mm X 400mm wide space allows a child to be comfortably sited on the C3 car seat.

Front-facing and rear-facing installation

Front and rear installations are available from birth to 7 years.

Smart Easy Guide

With the instruction images on the both sides, one can easily install C3 car seat with the secure of seat belt.


An indicator helps to install rear-facing in a correct way and reduces the wrong installation.

Detachable inner seat

Removable detachable inner seat is available for new born. More space can be created without the inner seat once the child outgrow it.

5-point safety belt

Ideal 5-points safety belt without any shaking is applied for the most perfect baby protection.

Anti-slip pads

Anti-slip pads of belts prevent babies from slipping.


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