CuddleCo Bamboo Memory Foam Baby Play Mat

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CuddleCo Bamboo Memory Foam Baby Play Mat is a baby-sized bamboo memory foam mat with a moon cushion at one end for baby to prop his/her torso on to it for enjoyable tummy time. The CuddleCo Play Mat encourages your baby to explore, reach, pull and lift during tummy time. A memory foam base and cushion help eliminate delicate pressure points from hard surfaces to make tummy time fun.

  • Supportive, comfortable and soft detachable ‘moon’ cushion at the front
  • Simulates baby’s cognitive motor skills
  • Helps develop baby’s valuable upper body strength
  • 3 toy loops to clip on your baby’s favourite toys for activity time
  • Ventilated memory foam core
  • Hypo-allergenic, bamboo textured cover


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